The internet is crucial to our lives, and Kenya is committed to building a digital future that benefits everyone. The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KeIGF) is a platform for diverse stakeholders to discuss and shape this future.

What is the KeIGF?

  • An annual multi-stakeholder forum convened by KICTANet.
  • Brings together representatives from government, businesses, civil society, and technical experts.
  • Focuses on critical internet governance issues in Kenya.

KeIGF 2024: Building Our Multistakeholder Digital Future

This year’s KeIGF aligns with the global IGF theme, with a focus on Kenya: “Building Kenya’s Multistakeholder Digital Future.” The event will take place during Kenya IGF Week, from June 24-27, 2024.

Key Thematic Areas

  • Harnessing Innovation and Managing Risks: Exploring opportunities and challenges in the digital space.
  • Digital Technologies for Development: Examining how technology can drive progress.
  • Advancing Digital Inclusion and Strengthening Multistakeholder Governance: Ensuring everyone benefits and participates in a well-governed digital space.

A Legacy of Engagement

  • Kenya hosted the first-ever national IGF in Africa in 2008.
  • KeIGF has become a recognized platform for multistakeholder dialogue.
  • It feeds into regional and global IGF discussions.

The Connection: Local to Global

The IGF process is localized, with outcomes feeding into each other:

  • National Level (Kenya IGF)
  • Regional Level (East Africa IGF)
  • Continental Level (Africa IGF)
  • Global Level (IGF)

Kenya IGF Week

  • Kenya IGF: An open and inclusive forum for discussing Internet governance. This year marks the 17th edition.
  • Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG): A capacity-building program empowering participants to engage in ICT policy discussions.
  • Kenya Youth IGF: A program run by young people. It focuses on getting young Kenyans involved in the regular Kenya IGF.
  • Kenya Children IGF: It is organized by Watoto Watch Network, in collaboration with KICTANet. This forum provides a platform for children to share their perspectives and experiences regarding Internet use and safety.


  • Open and inclusive dialogue on internet governance issues.
  • Sharing best practices and experiences.
  • Identifying emerging issues and bringing them to relevant bodies.
  • Contributing to capacity building for Internet governance.

Who Participates?

Over 300 individuals from various sectors, including:

  • Government
  • Private Sector
  • Civil Society
  • Technical and Academic Community
  • General Public

How to Participate

  • The forum is a hybrid event with online and in-person components.
  • Registration opens online two weeks before the event (free to attend).
  • The format includes panel sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities.

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