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KICTANet and Paradigm Initiative are convening stakeholders from the private sector, policymakers, and civil society for a roundtable discussion to identify concrete risks to Internet fragmentation, focusing on elements that are being impacted by technical standards-setting bodies, as well as at the policy layer within the specific regional context. 

The roundtable is expected to provide a space for civil society partners and other stakeholders to learn about trends related to Internet fragmentation, engage and coordinate with other stakeholders, particularly private sector stakeholders, and develop actionable recommendations. They will also include a discussion of proactive steps and opportunities that can be taken to promote the adoption and implementation of technical standards that promote an open Internet and would counteract proposals that could negatively impact the current multistakeholder governance model and the current architecture of the Internet. 

Stakeholders can read more about the objectives and expected outcomes of the discussion here as well as register to attend the event virtually.

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