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July 612:00-13:00


Session 3: Privacy for Who? Harnessing Big Data for Good Speaker(s), Title(s), Organization(s) IBM Research Director, JamboPay Office of the Deputy President Muchiri Nyaggah, Local Development Research Institute Article 19 Google Tech Innovators Douglas Gichuki, Strathmore University

July 61400 – 1500

1400 – 1500

Session 4 Enhancing Cyber Security in Kenya: Threats and Opportunities Speaker(s), Title(s), Organization(s) Vincent Ngundi, KE-CIRT Jackson Cheboi, CA Dr. Bright Gameli, Cybersecurity Expert William Makatiani, Serianu Microsoft EA Safaricom TESPOK Legal Person Kenya Bankers

July 61500 – 1600

1500 – 1600

Session 5: Emerging Issues in Internet Governance (Open Mic Session) Tackling Cybercrime & Protecting the Youth Online Cyber-terrorism Internet Shutdowns Online Censorship & Banning of Content Universal Access Internet Tracking for Advertising Access for Persons with Disabilities ICT Policy and Legislation State of ICT in the Counties – Kikao Feedback Speaker(s), Title(s), Organization(s) Kihanya/Obam, MOICT …