The Kenya School of Internet Governance(KeSIG) takes place prior to the Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KIGF). The role of the KeSIG steering team is to assist in sourcing the fellows, preparing the programme, logistics and contribute to the school through community consultations, outreach and stakeholder engagement. Membership to the steering team is voluntary and each member is expected to establish links with their respective stakeholder group.
The key tasks include the following:

  • Update the existing training programme to reflect topical issues, taking into account inputs of all relevant stakeholders;
  • Determine the criteria for selection of fellows and source for fellows for the programme in line with the community’s mission of advancing internet governance and preparing future generations to participate meaningfully in local and global internet policy making fora;
  • Determine how best to plan, organise and facilitate the school of internet governance;
  • Coordinate training sessions and provide support and guidance to panellists, moderators and speakers at the meeting;
  • Promote KeSIG and KIGF amongst all stakeholders and foster multistakeholder participation and collaboration;
  • Attend steering committee meetings – virtual or in-person as and when the situation warrants;
  • Engage in outreach communication to the wider community and bring other networks related to Internet governance into the discussions and planning;
  • Explore new fundraising opportunities for contributions to support the event;
  • Identify emerging Internet governance issues and other areas in need of discussion, research or recommendation; and,
  • Any other role as may be agreed upon by the committee.