2017 Kenya IGF

The Kenya IGF will be held on July 6th 2017 at Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya from 8am to 6pm. It will be the summit of the Kenya IGF Week. Other activities for the week are Kenya School of Internet Governance, Network Disruptions report, Internet Shutdowns workshop, and Youth IGF.

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum has played a pivotal role in enhancing public participation in public policy development in Kenya. The forum has not only introduced new forms of ensuring public participation such as remote participation with the support of International organizations such as the Internet Society and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers which have equally been embraced by the government, private sector, technical community academia and media, it has also built the capacity of many actors from diverse areas in the private sector, civil society, academia and the media on how to engage with other stakeholders in public policy development processes though a multi stakeholder approach.

Youth IGF

Kenya-Youth IGF is a platform where children and young people in Kenya will convene to discuss on internet matters and how to make the internet better for them. This Initiative aims to provide a platform for younger generation in Kenya to speak up on Internet Governance issues, build up sense of digital citizenship of young people, raise awareness on Internet governance issues and to familiarize the community with the Internet Governance model, all in order to equip participants with skills and knowledge for future participation in actual Internet policymaking discussion.

YIGF Kenya is a one day event that will be held at Daystar University on 5th July 2017 from 8:30 am to 2.30pm. The topics and discussions held at the Youth IGF will be presented at the main Kenya IGF.


  • Build the capacity of young adults to participate in internet governance discussion.
  • Encourage youth to attend and bring contribution to actual internet governance discussion
  • Provide platform for cultivating idea to drive social change and further actualizing the initiative for a healthy and harmonious internet.
  • Develop youth network on internet governance.


  • All youth participants will be assigned to different stakeholder groups for example Civil Society, Private Sectors, Governments, etc. for the discussion of various internet governance issues. The aim of this simulation session is to let the youth to put themselves into other people’s shoes and encourage them to think from a multi-stakeholder perspective.
  • They will then present their views and proposals to a panel of representatives from the various sectors.

Event Program

  • 0800 – 0815:  Arrival and registration, Daystar University Auditorium, Nairobi Campus
  • 0815 – 0930: Welcome note,Roselyn Olumbe, Daystar University,
    Lillian Kariuki, Executive Director, Watoto Watch Network
    Introduction to Youth IGF- Grace Githaiga KICTANet,
    Remarks by guests,
    Kenic ( .Ke),
    Law Society of Kenya,
    Ministry of ICT,
    Opening of the forum,
    Communications Authority of Kenya-Vincent Ngundi Assistant Director,
    Cyber Security and E-commerce
  • 0930 – 1000: Tea Break
  • 1000 – 1130: Youth discussion (Main hall),Teachers and lecturers engagement,
    -Facebook Public policy Manager Africa,
    -Communications Authority
  • 1130 – 1315: Youth Presentation,Stakeholders Panel- Q/A,
    Communications Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of ICT,
    Facebook, Safaricom, LSK
  • 1315 – 1430: Lunch break/Departure

Watoto Watch Network is the organizer of this first Kenya Youth IGF. Watoto Watch Network is a child focused non-profit organization that has been on the lead in championing Child Online Protection (COP) since 2013 in Kenya. Watoto Watch network are also the Kenya Organizers of the Global Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated globally to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. http://www.watotowatchnetwork.org/


Session 1: Safeguarding Free Speech Online in an Electoral Context
Speaker(s), Title(s), Organization(s)
Media Council
Editor’s Guild
Henry Maina, Article 19

1100 – 1200

Session 2: Tech Use in the Upcoming Election
Speaker(s), Title(s), Organization(s)

Regina Opondo, ELOG
John Walubengo, MMU
Ken Okoth, MP Kibra
Ken Kachwanya, BAKE